Ida Presti technique

Ida Presti’s unique right hand technique contributed greatly to making her the renowned virtuoso guitarist she was – considered to be the 20th century’s greatest guitarist by many.  Here in these videos I explain her right hand technique and show how and why it works so well.

About guitartzt

Ms. Artzt, whom Guitar international Magazine has called "America's best player", made her solo concert debut in London in 1969. Since then critics in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas have unanimously acclaimed her performances as a soloist, in concertos with orchestra, and in chamber music groups. She studied guitar with Julian Bream, Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya, and composition with Darius Milhaud at Aspen Colorado and at Columbia University where she got a degree in musicology. Alice Artzt has made 13 solo records (LP or CD), and has written two books on guitar technique as well as many articles on music in various magazines. She has taught for the past 40 years in private lessons and in master classes all over the world. (Two of her instructional videos are on YouTube.) She has appeared on TV and radio throughout the world, and has been on the juries of many international guitar competitions (CAG, GFA, Toronto, Segovia NYU, Rodrigo, and Alessandria).
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  2. Melvin Rufus says:

    Dear Alice,

    I want to switch over from the straight waisted technique to the Ida Presti one. Kindly guide me on the same!

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